Tie dye edpeny 5 brush plugins

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Tie dye edpeny 5 brush plugins

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Tie dye edpeny 5 brush plugins

Tutorial How To Use Brushes Plugin

You should not make such an example, because I believe you will be better than that example.Ok..
Install Adobe Photoshop Brushes Plugin In such instructions as I showed on the left side bar,
Open the layer for color the background,
Open the second layer for brushes plugin, then Pick Color for Brushes Plugin because it is still black, Copy a Layer 3 or 4 Layer brushes plugin tie dye,and color according to how much you will use,
selection one by one layer from the first layer up to fourth layer for change the color, because each layer must have a different color, then let the layer stack, so you will be easier to remove or add color.
Do not forget to make an effect on the background to balance.

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