Flowers Outline Brushes

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Flowers Outline Brushes
Item Name Flowers Outline Brushes
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Tutorial How To Use Brushes Plugin In the beginning is the same, as the previous-tutorial instruction,
the first step is install brushes
Flowers Outline plugin  you just downloaded into Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3 or CS4. To make the design as an example tutorial is very easy, after all plugins brushes are used, the next task is to change the color, how to:.. Select Image - Select Adjust - Choose Selective Color - Perform Setup reduces the intensity of the color black 50% lower.
To make the automatic composition Brushes Plugin you can use the Shape Dynamics and Scattering Brushes (see upper right hand corner of your Adobe Photoshop).
Available Stock 3 Brushes,Size :2,4 Mb
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