Dots Flowers Brushes Plugin

Dots Flowers Brushes Plugin Adobe Photoshop
Dots Flowers Brushes Plugin
Item Name Dots Flowers Brushes Plugin
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Tutorial, How To Use Brushes Plugin I instruct as often before, Install brushes plugin follow the instructions (see the left side bar: Instructions How to Install Brush plugin).
Then a new layer to store the plugin brush dots flowers, Brushes in this set there are three separate sections that can be stored in different layers, it is still black, to change the color, select the Image tab menu at the top of your Photoshop - Then - Select adjust - Choose Selective color - Select color Black, then lower the 50% to gray, then setting all other colors are adjusted to your liking.
Each plugin can put your brushes overlap,
but the size should be changed to look up and down effects.
Available Stock 3 Brush Set-Size 1,4 Mb
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Dots Flowers Brushes Plugin Dots Flowers Brushes Plugin Reviewed by Sketch Pattern on June 15, 2012 Rating: 5


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    1. Hi...william xaviers,Thanks for your opinion....Thanks for visit...enjoy


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