Abstract Stone Brushes

Abstract Stone Brushes Plugin Adobe Photoshop
Abstract Stone Brushes
Item Name Abstract Stone Brushes
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Description If you've installed this plugin Brush, Open Adobe Photoshop CS 2, CS 3 or CS 4Brushes Plugin for design like this I use only as a mall or a pattern, if you have saved the plugin into the brush layer, then use the Magic Wand to select the brush plugin, after it lost the visible layer and magic wand is active, in this stage you can do whatever you like, such as adding or removing color, you can swap in turn the ones you want to change,
the inside or the outside, by selecting the keyboard Ctrl -Shift + i.
If you already understand how it works, this stone abstract brushes plugin
  you can also use the background of your choice.
Available Stock 1 Brushes-Size 991,1 Kb
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