Leaves Long Grass

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Leaves Long Grass
Item Name Leaves Long Grass
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Tutorial, How To Use Brushes Plugin

Install Brushes 
Leaves Long Grass plugin 
(see the instructions  
below: How to Install  
Adobe Photoshop  
Brushes Plugin)
Open the first layer 
to make the background color,
then use a brush that 

has an Leaves Long 
Grass plugin has been installed.  
For this tutorial  
I did not change the  
black color of the  
brushes ethnic plugin,
 it's just that you should 
open a new layer to create 
an effect that lies 
between the  
background color  
and brushes Tools.
For create the effect 

of these brushes can 
be used again, do not 
forget to change  
the color and position.
about the color,  

please adjust to your liking.
Available Stock 1 Brushes
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