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Description Just another batik Indonesia.
If you've installed this plugin Brush, Open Adobe Photoshop CS 2, CS 3 or CS 4.
Select and determine the effect of background that will be used, Save This plugin Brush over your background, click Ctrl + J to copy the layer, Select the Magic Wand in your tool bar, select the Brush Plugin that you have a copy, let the Magic Wand is on, then remove the layer of vision, move the cursor to the background layer, then use the eraser to remove 15% less background.Nonaktifkan Magic Wand, Select Brush your original plugin and do a rotation by clicking and drag-resistant suit and rotates up to look balanced.
Then just right click on the Layer brush plugin, select Blending Options, select Outer Shadow set a lighter color, if it is good click OK,
do the settings according to your taste .... and Done
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