Batik Black&White

Batik Black&White Brushes Plugin Adobe Photoshop
Batik Black&White

Item Name Batik Black&White
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Description Simple Way.....Just Click and Done.If you've installed this plugin Brush, Open Adobe Photoshop CS 2, CS 3 or CS 4.
Then click the brush on the canvas of this plugin, you need to do to repeat the copy layer until the desired amount.
then do a merge all the layers, but that must be considered is the side of each layer Brush Plugin, if you want like a whole layer of intact,
line each side of the layer must be removed by transmitting each motif Brush Plugin, or do the rounds on every Brush plugin, to get the combination of brush plugin looks in balance,
If the impression of fusion boundary line is gone, meaning you succeed ... and you're done.
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Batik Black&White Batik Black&White Reviewed by Sketch Pattern on May 29, 2012 Rating: 5

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